Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Egypt blocks Twitter

The Financial Times reported that Twitter has been blocked in Egypt following yesterday's rallies as thousands went to the streets in the capital city and other areas protesting the three decades rule of President Hosni Mubarak.
Social networks were the main communication lines of the protesters inspired by the successful revolt in Tunisia more than a week ago.
The report also said that the Internet was disconnected in the country as protesters found their Facebook accounts and blogs hijacked by the government.
Wael Abbas, a journalist said, "Twitter is now blocked in Egypt on all networks!!!"
The mobile video service, Bambuser also reported on Tuesday afternoon a sudden disconnection in uploads.
Meanwhile, hacktivists called the Anonymous claimed they had briefly knocked down the interior ministry's homepage. The online group was responsible for last month's attack on companies that opposed the secret-spilling Web site WikiLeaks.
Facebook and Twitter had become the most popularly used tools to ventilate the dissatisfaction of the Egyptians against the government posting photos and tagging messages.
The outage was confirmed by the microblogging site in California. The company said the disconnection may not have been total.
Online protesters outside Egypt advised demonstrators how to avoid being detected.
The report said that it was uncertain whether the government was blocking the Internet or if mobile communications were simply congested by the messages of the activists.
Details of this story on this link.

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