Thursday, January 27, 2011

Arms treaty okay with Moscow

After the agreement of arms reduction with the US, Russia's upper chamber approved the New Start nuclear arms control treaty on Wednesday, reported by Ria Novosti.
The new arms treaty, which replaced START 1 that expired on December 2009, was signed by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and US President Barack Obama in Prague on April 2010, will reduce Russia's and the US nuclear arsenals from the current 1,700 to 2,200 down to a maximum of 1,550 each for Russia and the US.
"The arms race is a thing of the past. The disarmament race is taking its place," Mikhail Margelov, chairman of the international affairs committee in the Russian senate, told Radio Russia on Monday.
Moscow is presently discussing with NATO the building of a joint missile defense shield across Europe. But Russia will have to deploy a nuclear missile grouping if they do not reach an agreement, according to the Russian president.
In November 2010 in Lisbon, Russia and NATO agreed to create the Europe's missile defense system. The terms of the missile defense cooperation was agreed to be formulated by June this year.
At present, Moscow has more nuclear weapons than allowed by the new pact. It will discard old weapons and create lower numbers of new systems.
Details of this story in this link.
Author's note: Nuclear arms are meant to destroy. Does the small amount of nuclear reduction guarantee safety and peace? The real dangers are the terrorists who have no countries and who we do not know. They are using home-made bombs. How can these superpowers use their warheads against them? Use your heads.

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