Sunday, January 30, 2011

Protests in Egypt continue as Mubarak holds on

The unrest in Egypt continues as President Hosni Mubarak resisted calls for him to go, according to a report by VOANews on Saturday.
In an effort to calm down the thousands of protesters in Cairo and other cities, the 82-year-old leader fired his Cabinet, promised to form a new Cabinet and reform the economy and politics.
He also restored the communication and Internet connections, a day after the government cut the services to halt the huge protests on Friday.
Around 2,000 activists went to the Tahrir Square in the capital city and demanded that the US ally leader step down from office, making it the first clear evidence that they are not satisfied by his remarks.
They shouted, "Go away, go away. Peaceful, peaceful."
The military guarded the city overnight, the protesters repelled the curfew and buildings were burned in the capital city.
Philippine expatriates gathered in evacuation centers while Japan upgraded its travel advisory against the most populous Arabian country.
It was reported that at least 24 people have died and hundreds were hurt in yesterday's demonstrations.
US President Barack Obama called for peaceful protests, the resumption of mobile phone and Internet services in Egypt, and to take "concrete steps" toward the reforms Mubarak promised his people.
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