Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Al-Jazeera seeks help from bloggers; Over 1 million to protest in Cairo

The Qatar-based network, Al-Jazeera, appealed for help to authorities and bloggers in Egypt following the regime's decision on Sunday to shut down its office in the capital city during the week-long protest to overthrow the country's head, according to the AP.
The network criticized the closure in a bid to prohibit open reporting.
The pan-Arab broadcaster urged the people on Monday to send eyewitness stories, videos and blogs to widen the coverage of the demonstrations against the 82-year-oldPresident Hosni Mubarak.
Al-Jazeera continues to cover the uprising through telephone reporting and fixed-position cameras.
In the mean time, the April 6 Movement called for a "mega" demonstration in Cairo on Tuesday to force the Egyptian leader out, in a report by Al-Jazeera.
The "mega" demo will send over one million people to the capital city tomorrow.
An Al-Jazeera reporter said that hundreds of protesters are still in Tahrir Square in central Cairo early on Monday as if saying, "We are here to stay. We are re-invigorating our movement and we are not going anywhere."
Another correspondent said that the noticeable absence of the police that resulted to massive looting and disorder in the city has led the people to speculate. One possibility raised was that many of the police joined the protests. The other was that government was telling the rallyists "You want to protest. We'll pull back the police and you feel what anarchy feels like."
Details of this story in this link.

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