Monday, February 28, 2011

North Korea warns South Korea over leaflet campaign

In another move that will provoke the irritation of Pyongyang, Seoul's activists and military has been sending leaflets--as part of its campaign to encourage the North to think about change--concerning democracy protests in Egypt, Reuters said.
The communist country warned South that it will fire across the border if Seoul will continue its anti-North psychological campaign, Pyongyang's official media said.
The warning came a day before the 11-day South Korea-US military exercises.
South Korea was accused by the North to have sent balloons with leaflets and anti-communist DVDs.
MarketWatch reported that Seoul has been sending food, medicine and radios as well as leaflets about Egypt's democracy protests.
"We officially notify that our army will stage a direct fire at the Rimjin Pavilion and other sources of the anti-DPRK psychological warfare to destroy them on the principle of self-defense, if such actions last despite our repeated warning," said the KCNA news agency.
The Rimjin Pavilion is a place in South Korea that separates the two countries.
The North was also placed on heightened alert as the military drill is on-going and said that it will respond with "all-out war" if provoked.
Details of this story here.

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