Wednesday, March 09, 2011

An anti-Jasmine Revolution editorial in a Chinese daily

In a proactive effort to prevent the "Jasmine Revolution" reaching its soil, a two-front page editorial appeared on the Beijing Daily on 5 March that called for the citizens to be vigilant against "people with ulterior motives" that incite gatherings in pubic locations in major cities.
In a translated version, the commentary titled Conscientiously Preserving Social Harmony and Stability, recognized China's global position as the world's second largest economy along with improvement of people's lives and increasing the country's diplomatic influence.
The editorial acknowledged the recent upheavals in the Arab states that created difficulties to many of its citizens.
It cautioned against people with ulterior motives attempting to disturb the social harmony and stability of the country through proliferation of online campaigns that encourage street politics in specified places in Beijing and other major cities.
It also mentioned that "The masses are fiercely displeased with this and the performances of a few can only become a clamorous play put on for themselves."
Here are some reactions to the editorial lifted from Danwei:
Ma Huimin (马慧敏): a party member in her seventies. "She clearly sees the essence of those people with ulterior motives who recently have incited illegal gatherings, and said she would not trust rumors, spread rumors, look on, or participate."
Deng Haihong (邓海红), an employee of Beijing Jeep who has been in the work force for two decades, applauded the editorials. "He said that so long as we all conscientiously safeguard social harmony and stability, the people with ulterior motives inside and outside China will have no chance."
Zhao Yi (赵轶), a software developer of four years, said, "Only in an excellent overall situation of stability, unity, and harmony can young talent like us show off our abilities and plan and realize a better future."
Details of this report here.

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