Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Is Gaddafi going?

Confusion arises whether or not Libya's leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi will abandon his power.
In an earlier report by the Arab media Asharq Alawsat, the 68-year-old leader had sent his representative yesterday to the Interim National Council in Benghazi declaring his preparedness to relinquish his power and leave the country in exchange for safeguarding his family and himself.
The man who ruled Libya since 1969 gave the following conditions before stepping down: Gaddafi's parliament--the General People's Congress--would declare that he had resigned and transfer the power to the National Council. Aside from personal and family assurances, he also demanded security of his wealth.
The despot demanded support in leaving the oil-rich nation, and requested immunity both in Libya and overseas, nor be made to face the courts.
In the attached YouTube video, Gaddafi accused France of interfering in his country's affairs. Paris recognized the creation of rebel group--the National Libyan Council.
"That's ridiculous. Interfering with the domestic affairs of a country. If we were to interfere with what is happening in Corsica and Sardinia, how would France and Italy react?" his reply when asked about France’s recognition of the rebels.
However, in an editorial in IBN Live, Libya's ruler does not seem to want to leave.
"The mood of Gaddafi at present it is not normal what has happened. He says let us investigate--Gaddafi is always pushing his people to take power. He is not dying for this authority but he will never leave the country," said an advisor to Foreign Minister Yousef Shakir.
Unlike his Egyptian and Tunisian counterparts, Gaddafi can afford to stay in power.
The world's 12th largest oil producer does not depend on foreign exchange. It has over $110 billion of foreign exchange reserves, which can cover at least three years of imports.
Following the Lockerbie bombings, the North African state was able to face sanctions when the country was outcasted.
Details of this story here.

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