Sunday, March 13, 2011

Catastrophe-The Japanese Archipelago M8.8 and More with Continuous Tsunami-Report from Hokkaido, Japan No. 1

Note: The following report is authored by Northernlight from Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan who requested me to post on her behalf.
M8.8 Earthquake shook Japanese archipelago and Tsunami continue to hit Pacific Coastline of Japan - Largest in our history. Epicenters are not one but a few along the line. Some experts say this earthquake is large as the one, which happens in 500-1000 years.
I don’t know when I can upload my report on this huge earthquake occurred at 14:46 off shore Sanriku Coastline , North East Pacific 24km depth, the largest since the first observation in the Japanese history.
The shaking scale at one point in Miyagi Prefecture was Level 7, the hardest. The death toll from repeated earthquakes and tsunami are yet to known. Many reported swept by Tsunami.
Tsunami warnings have been continuously coming out to all the coastal lines from north, Hokkaido to south, Okinawa. Now, Tsunami warnings are turning around the island behind, even along the Japan Sea coastlines. People have evacuated to higher places. Highest reported 7m but repeated Tsunami could be higher than the first attack. Estimated height 6-8 meters Hokkaido, 10 strong along Sanriku coast, 3-6m on the other Pacific coast.
JR, Japan Railroads also stopped in Metropolitan Tokyo and the commuters in Tokyo are walking to home or staying over night public facilities such as government offices, high schools and university campuses. Buses are in operation but streets are extremely jammed. Some subway resumed services but not totally. In Tokyo 4 died and some 50 injured.
Seindai, Yamagata, Misawa Airlines are closed
Air Flights have been cancelled from Shin-Chitose Airport (Sapporo) to Haneda(Tokyo), Sendai.
Telephone, mobile phone and internet services are having difficulties to be connected.
Myself, northernlight, live in Sapporo, located the other side of Hokkaido Island, NOT facing to Pacific Ocean and when the largest earthquake hit, I was at our church facility with a priest and other friends. The shaking was not hard but swayed like a boat motion and I felt sick. (Level 3) Nobody is reported dead or injured in Hokkaido, but many places facing to the Pacific Ocean have being washed by the repeated tsunami. About 10,000 people vacated for safer places.
Petrochemical complex in Shiogama city, Miyagi Prefecture is now burning. In addition, Cosmo Petroleum in Chiba is on flame.
At Fukushima atomic power plant electricity supply ceased. The melting down malfunctioning from water cooling system is concerned. People around the area have been evacuated.
In Nagahama area, Miyagi, 200-300 people or more are reported drown dead.
City of Kesennuma, is now on fire. One fishing boat started a fire. Tsunami swallowed the boat and the fire transferred to other floating objects, which again rushed to the city with the tsunami thus spreading over the city.
Tsunami rushed to City of Sendai as far as 10km into the city.
Death more than 300. Missing more than 500.

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