Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gaddafi to rebels: "Your days are numbered."


Saif al-Islam Muammar al-Gaddafi, the second son of Libyan head Muammar, threatened the opposition that their days are numbered.
The 38-year-old engineer and politician said that the full power of government forces is ready to defeat the rebellion, in a report by the ABC News.
The warning came as the areas controlled by the insurgents were attacked by Gaddafi's tanks and warplanes.
"We will never, ever give up. And we will never, ever surrender," Saif al-Islam said.
"This is our country. We fight here in Libya. We die here in Libya. And the Libyan people, they will never, ever welcome the NATO. We will never, ever welcome the Americans here.
"Libya is not a piece of cake. We are not a Mickey Mouse. It's time, it's time for liberation. It's time for action. We are moving now. Everybody in Libya is so excited. Thank you very much."
The 23-year-old eyewitness Aima said, "Gaddafi fight with airplane you know and we don't have anything. Where everybody? We need help here. I think that very, very, very sad for us you know that."
But Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled al Koaem brushed off that the government is bombarding the civilians with air raids.
"The official authorities in Libya have committed themselves to the protection of civilians and all rumors spread by media who are not present in Libya about the launching of air raids by the Libyan armed forces and the use of foreign mercenaries is absolutely untrue," said the deputy foreign minister.
Meanwhile, France became the first country to recognize the rebel group in the strife-torn North African state as a legitimate government.
The US officials predicted that the regime will triumph.
Speaking after the EU foreign ministers convened in Brussels, Foreign Minister Luis Amado told the media what he said to Gaddafi's emissaries, "From the international community's point of view, and Portugal is on the sanctions committee against Libya, the Gaddafi regime is over. Regarding its legitimacy, it is over.
"But Tripoli must start a national dialogue with the opposition and work on a ceasefire as soon as possible."
The attached undated YouTube video shows a man who died after being at shot at in Tripoli. It was uploaded on 26 February.
Details of this report here.

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