Friday, March 11, 2011

Where did Gaddafi's three planes go?

News has it yesterday that three of the Libyan leader's planes were seen across the European and Arabian skies.
The three aircrafts were reported to have been carrying Col. Muammar Gaddafi's envoys and landed in Egypt, Greece, Malta and Portugal according to the Times of Malta.
Landing in Cairo at 13:00 yesterday, Libyan Deputy Defense Minister Major General Abdelrahman al-Zawi, one of Gaddafi's trusted men, and another official were immediately taken by private cars upon arrival on a military strip. The Arab League ministers will meet in Egypt's capital on Saturday to discuss the no-fly zone over the strife-torn North African state.
The other plane went to Malta yesterday carrying Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister Mohammed Taher Siyala who then went to Greece to meet his counterpart Dimitris Dollis before an emergency summit of the European Union convene in Brussels to discuss the crisis in Libya, in a report by the AFP. No statements were issued to the media after their talk.
In a telephone conversation on Tuesday, Greek PM George Papandreou urged Gaddafi to peacefully resolve the on-going turmoil.
Al Jazeera reported that an unidentified emissary of the Libyan leader met with Portuguese Foreign Minister Luis Amado on Wednesday "to explain Tripoli's view of the conflict in the country." The UN Security Council committee on sanction for Libya will be hosted by Lisbon this week.
Details of this story here.

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