Monday, March 07, 2011

Gaddafi: Wanted dead or alive for £10 million

If international condemnation, no-fly policy, and sanctions do not work against Libya's leader Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi, how about cash?
Definitely, the stylish strongman does not need those because he can offer more. But Libyans do.
A staggering £10 million (US$16.3 million)-offer is on the table for any Libyan special agents who can deliver the 68-year-old leader--dead or alive, according to Sify News.
Of course, he is better off alive to answer for his crimes against humanity.
The report said that spies from the UK and the US are in the North African state with lots of cash to lure the strongman's aides and guards to capture or kill him.
The Daily Star quoted a security source, "There is about 10 million pounds from the Brits and Americans to make it happen. They have infiltrated his closest bodyguards. With the right people together it could happen in days."
"The important thing is this has to be done by Libyans. We cannot have British fingerprints on this. It's up to the Libyans and there is an open cheque book.
"The spooks are spending a fortune out there. It's serious money for serious people who can make this happen. Money is no object."
Money is being given out to turn the leader's closest aides particularly his military staff.
The unidentified source continued, "Gaddafi keeps moving so it is difficult to get close. This plan needs the military on board as they are closest to Gaddafi. They have already signed up people lower down and want more senior people, as many as they can get."
Details of this story here.

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