Friday, March 04, 2011

Girl who can foresee fires

March is known in the Philippines as the "Fire Prevention Month." Ironically, it is during this time of the year that fire accidents happen a lot.
An unusual phenomenon is happening in Antique province, south of Manila, where a three-year-old girl was reported to have the power to predict when a fire incident would occur, in a report by GMA News.
It was only last month that the girl's extraordinary ability was discovered, according to her 25-year-old father in a report published by The Daily Guardian (TDG).
The tricycle driver father recalled last month when he brought his daughter and wife for a ride to the town to buy soda.
Out of nowhere, the toddler said "May sunog alas nuebe. (There will be fire at nine o’clock)," when they alighted the vehicle.
Ignoring what she said, the father was surprised when he saw his tricycle's spare tire on fire around 9:00 in the morning of the same day.
The child still does not know how to tell the time and neither parents have a wrist watch. The mother affirmed that the child would predict fires that would allegedly happen, the report continued.
"One of a kind. A new experience for us. Beyond explanation. I am at a loss," told San Jose City Mayor Rony Molina in an interview by TDG.
The mayor confirmed the child's power when he visited the family's residence and heard her say "May masunog (Something will burn)." In a few seconds, he saw a shirt hanging inside the house suddenly catch fire.
Molina remarked, "Nobody touched it. It was just there. Nobody was even close to it. It just started in seconds. The shirt was on fire."
The local government ordered the girl's house cordoned off for security purposes.
A psychic/exorcist/charismatic movement leader from a nearby province visited the girl on Wednesday said TDG.
Details of this report here.

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