Friday, March 04, 2011

WikiLeaks' suspected accomplice may face life term for "aiding the enemy"

The suspected source of the secret-spiller site, WikiLeaks, who is being held in the Marine Corps Brig Quantico in Virginia since July last year was hit Wednesday by the US Army with 22 fresh charges, which may lead to his execution.
In a report by The Washington Post, the new charges will boost the previous 12 charges filed against Private First Class Bradley Manning--a former army intelligence accused to be the originator of hundreds of thousands of classified government and military information to WikiLeaks--which include the transfer of military data to his computer and "delivering national defense information to an unauthorized source."
It was reported that prosecutors would not seek capital punishment for the 23-year-old military man alleged to have given the Afghanistan and Iraq war documents to WikiLeaks, which US officials claim to have put the civilians and soldiers at risk.
Although the Army did not specify who the "enemy" was, the new charges, according to Military District of Washington spokesman Capt. John Haberland "more accurately reflect the broad scope of the crimes that Pfc. Manning is accused of committing."
Officials said that if found guilty of all charges, Manning would serve a maximum of life behind bars, cancellation of all salaries and allowances, demotion to the lowest army rank, and dishonorable dismissal.
Details of this story here.

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