Saturday, March 05, 2011

Numbers show Manila women drivers are not safer than men

At least 13 lady bus drivers will soon be seen in the congested streets of Metro Manila as they prepare to become certified drivers from rigorous training by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.
Three bus companies--Cher Bus, HM Bus Company and RRCCG--have employed the first batch of female drivers among a total of 21 applicants according to traffic czar Francis Tolentino, in a report by the Manila Bulletin.
Hiring of lady drivers will allow bus companies to be exempted from the city's number-coding scheme.
Traffic authorities encourage hiring female drivers because they believe them to drive more safely and increase the traffic flow not seen among their male counterparts who drive recklessly and have poor driving discipline.
However, last year's road traffic accident statistics show otherwise. The Metro Manila Development Authority has more than 500,000 registered female drivers while male drivers hit over 2 million.
For fatal road accidents, female divers figured in 60 (12 per 100,000) cases while male drivers were involved in 260 (13 per 100,000) cases.
For non-fatal road accidents, female drivers scored 3,605 (721 per 100,000) cases while male drivers recorded 9,526 (476 per 100,000) cases.
While there is small difference in the incidence of fatal road accidents between female and male drivers, female drivers were involved in more non-fatal injuries than their male counterparts.
The numbers speak for themselves and is something for the traffic authorities to think about.
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