Saturday, March 05, 2011

One of three captured Dutch marines is a woman

The attached YouTube video shows that at least one of three captured marines in Libya is a woman from the Netherlands following a botched evacuation mission.
State television aired on Sunday showed two Dutch marines--a man and a woman--and the Lynx helicopter that were captured by pro-Gaddafi forces in the coastal city of Sirte.
The militia men of Libya's leader allowed the evacuees--a Swedish woman and a Dutch man--to leave the North African nation.
But the oil-rich state is holding the three aircrew members in an unspecified location.
Despite Netherlands' affirmation that the three came in for "consular evacuation," Libya remains skeptical.
The TV footage shows a female anchor saying, "According to the [Saudi Arabian] broadcaster al-Arabiya, this helicopter was sent to rescue people, but we can see something else here."
Found inside the helicopter are a digital camera, assault rifles, body armor, bullets and ammunition, mobile phones and several dollar bills.
The commentary further said, "The helicopter flew into Libyan airspace and landed in Sirte without any permission from the authorities, and this is in violation of international law."
In the mean time, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte reassured that they are arranging for the three's release.
He told BBC, "It is terrible for the crew of the Lynx helicopter. Everything is being done to make sure the crew get home."
Details of this story here.

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