Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Video of 4 March shootings in Libya

WARNING: The attached YouTube raw video footage titled "Lightning Network: From the corner of the world Fliscahid in Libya" shows graphic and bloody scenes of the 4 March shootings, from Alive in Libya Website.
At 3:36 video time, a man "threatened Gaddafi to stop, and they shall avenge. He prayed that God will avenge for them, then said they are being attacked by mercenaries getting paid by Gaddafi to kill them. He also asked the cameraman to shoot the scene for the world to see."
At 4:23, shootings were heard that drove several people away.
At 5:12, a man was seen drowning from his blood and died in action. Alive in Libyasaid "People are praising God, and saying that the guy is dead."
Meanwhile, an on-the-ground witness audio report said on 8 March that there is no movement of Gaddafi forces outside the northwestern Misurata District and is very quiet in the city. Pro-government troops are guarding the ammunition and their prisoners close to the air force faculty.
The report further said that the people's morale is high and they are ready for anything. They have simple weapons and take whatever artillery they could from Gaddafi's army and old armaments from the bases.
On 27 February, the opposition formed the "National Transitional Temporary Council" that will serve as the only legitimate representative of the Libyans.
In an unofficial translation of the declaration of the body, Mr. Mustafa Abdul Jaleel was selected to be the president with Mr. Abdul Hafid Abdul Qader Ghoga as deputy and the official spokesperson.
Details of this story here.

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