Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Acid crimes of passion

Ameneh Bahrami, who was blinded in both eyes in an acid attack, sits at her home in Tehran
We have seen it in the movies—women hurling acid to men or women out of jealousy. Time and again, we find it horrible. Here are two true-to-life stories of female victims who will forever suffer disfigurement from the acid thrown at them by men longing for their affection.
* * *
A mother of four in Pakistan suffered severe burns in her face and hands on 19 May when her drug dependent second husband threw acid for her decision to divorce him, The Express Tribune reported.
Islamabad police said Nageena Bibi was blocked by her husband Irfan outside the house where she currently resides and works as a household help.
"He was a drug addict and unemployed. Nageena wanted divorce but he was reluctant to give her one," an investigator said.
After divorcing her first husband four years ago, the 34-year-old maid moved with daily wage earner Irfan last year.
Things turned worse when he left his job and became hooked on drugs four months ago. She dissuaded him from his vice and filed for a divorce two months later.
The drug addict husband approached Nageena as she was coming out of the house, the cops said.
"He pulled out a bottle of acid and splashed it on her face. The upper part of her body including her face, chest and shoulders were badly burnt."
The victim was taken to the hospital and is currently in stable condition.
The attacker is being pursued by the police.
* * *
A woman who lost both of her eyesight from the acid hurled at her by a former classmate—whom she met in 2002—for repeatedly turning down his marriage proposals, according to AFP.
The victim Ameneh Bahrami told Arman newspaper, "I announced that I want two million euros to guarantee my life and my future, and not for treatment.
"It is only then that I will give up qesas (retributive justice) against Majid, although they said—and I hope it is true—that the sentence will be carried out next week."
Sentenced in February 2009 to be blinded in both eyes for splashing acid to Bahrami, Majid Movahedi's conviction was postponed on the 11th hour of Saturday for unknown reasons.
The woman, who was then 24 when the acid attack happened, is currently living in Spain and travelled to Tehran in the hope that the blinding will be carried out.
She stated that she is willing to do the punishment herself.
Amnesty International described the sentence on Friday "a cruel and inhuman punishment amounting to torture."
Do not be surprised, Iran is following the Sharia Law's eye-for-an-eye justice that applies to murder and those that result from intended physical harm.

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