Monday, May 23, 2011

Saudi arrests a woman for driving a car

A family member of a Jordanian detainee in Saudi Arabia attends a demonstration in front of the Saudi Arabia embassy in Amman
Here is an interesting YouTube video that shows a woman from Saudi Arabia who was held for driving a car.
The only country to ban female drivers—both local and foreign—the Gulf Kingdom’s law strictly forbids women to drive a vehicle. They also cannot take public transportation and have to depend on male family members to drive them to wherever they want to go, Al Jazeera said.
Manal al-Sherif was detained on Saturday for launching a Facebook page and YouTube "Women2Drive" campaign for ladies to get on the wheels in the Islamic Kingdom. She posted the above video showing herself driving in the streets of Khobar.
Al-Sherif said on the video, "If a husband has a heart attack, what is the wife to do if there's no one else around and she can't drive?"
She was released after a few hours.
The Facebook page Women2Drive that has over 12,000 supporters calls for mass female drivers on 17 June.
It says on the page, "We want to live as complete citizens, without the humiliation that we are subjected to every day because we are tied to a driver."
The Saudi woman driver added, "Not everyone is able to afford a driver. It's just too expensive for poor families."
In the oil-rich state, one must pay between $300 and $400 each month for a driver.
Details of this report here.

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