Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Alleged US spies turned over to Iran court

Iran authorities handed over the 30 US-backed spies to court, announced by Intelligence Minister Heidar Mosleshi.
The Ministry stated on Saturday that the Islam state broke up a US-linked spy network and identified 42 CIA intelligence officers scattered abroad, Tehran Times said.
The CIA officers created a network overseas and recruited Iranians to spy for the US.
The minister said on Sunday that the CIA has deceived some students who went abroad to study into spying. The US was trying to get information on Iran's airports, customs services, energy industry and shipping companies, the report said.
The ministry was informed that certain people were contracted by CIA agents to engage in espionage activities.
There were no Iranian officials among the 30 who were arrested, Xinhuanet said.
No comment yet from the US and Israel about the issue.
Death is the punishment for spying in this oil-rich country, JTA said.
Details of this story here.

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