Thursday, May 26, 2011

They knew Bin Laden

What do we know about the man tagged as the most feared person in the world? Is he what we think he really is? All we know about him are the information fed to us by the media, who at best give half-truths.
Since Pres. Barack Obama made a monumental media announcement on 2 May that the self-confessed terrorist responsible for the 9/11 attacks, Osama Bin Laden, was killed by US special commandos in a solo attack in a quiet town just 60 kilometers (30 miles) from Pakistan's capital, so many theories have spawned due to inconsistent reports surrounding his demise.
We might never know the truth.
Is the slain Saudi-born man from a rich clan, the person he is as portrayed by Western sources?
Here is a special documentary movie by Al Jazeera about the man as viewed from the lenses of people who worked with him.
The attached two-part 90-minute film titled I Knew Bin Laden interviewed a spectrum of people close to the fallen Al Qaeda leader including former Mujahideen chiefs, Taliban and Pakistani officials, and media people who shared their experiences and thoughts.
This is shown not to glorify Bin Laden. The goal is to inform the public where the Western Press failed; to explain the alliance between the departed leader, the Islamic militia group and the US during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan that eventually led to them becoming enemies; and the goings-on in the life of the guerilla leader.
Al Jazeera Arabic’s Islamabad correspondent Ahmad Zaidan spoke to witnesses who debunked the myths and described Bin Laden—a man denounced as a religious fanatic and terrorist by his enemies and hailed by supporters as a fighter against Western hostility.
Click here to watch Part 2.

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