Friday, May 27, 2011

India: Small plane crash leaves 10 dead, 4 injured

A small chartered plane carrying seven people crashed into the roof of a house in densely-populated Faridabad, south of Delhi on Wednesday that killed all seven passengers and three people on the ground.
The plane was carrying a critically-ill patient, Rahul Raj, 20, who was in coma and in assisted ventilation. He was supposed to be taken to the capital for further treatment, said NDTV.
Raj was accompanied by his uncle and cousin.
Two physicians and a male nurse were also on board the plane.
Rajesh Kumar, Raj's father said, "There is no management, nothing, the gusty winds destroyed everything. My son was in coma."
The nine-seater aircraft broke into two and sent into flames on impact. Its nose landed on narrow lane on the street while the body remained on a terrace.
Three women were killed and four were injured on the house where the aircraft landed. The fatalities were the wife, daughter, and daughter-in-law of the house owner who was able to escape unharmed together with his son. Ten people were said to be inside the house when the tragedy happened.
Investigations are underway according to authorities. There is no voice or data recorder—an important tool to determine what happened before the accident—because it was a small plane, sources said in a report by IBN.
Watch the attached video.
Details of this report here.

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