Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Moscow police arrest a cannibal

WARNING: This story is not for the weak at heart.
A liver-eating cannibal was arrested by the police in the Russian capital on Tuesday morning suspected to cut into pieces the body of an acquaintance.
Nikolai Shadrin, suspected for killing and dismembering the body of 40-year-old Ilya Yegorov was arrested by the police in his apartment east of Moscow while eating human liver stew believed to be that of his victim's, said RIA Novosti agency.
A half-eaten human liver stew was found his fridge, the AFP said.
In a statement, the investigators said, "During the search of the apartment, tools used to dismember the victim and a human liver were found. Shadrin confessed to the crime and to having eaten part of his friend's liver."
The police said Yegorov was killed on 2 May.
Several body parts including the decapitated head were recovered on Wednesday in the Moskva River in west Moscow. Both feet were discovered on the same river on 2 May. An arm and a hand were later seen in the same area.
His other arm that was severed at the wrist region was pulled from the waters under a bridge of Tsaritsino Park south of the city on 2 May.
The suspect who "was identified by his fingerprints," had a history of mental disorder.
Details of this report here.

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