Sunday, May 29, 2011

North Korea releases US missionary on humanitarian grounds

The US State Department has confirmed an American is being held in North Korea
Pyongyang released a Korean-American missionary on Saturday who has been held since November last year as a sign of reconciliation to Washington pending a possible resumption of food relief from the US.
Jun Young-su, accompanied by US special envoy Robert King, was freed on Saturday. He was arrested for an unspecified crime against North Korea, Korea Joongang Daily said.
After repeated pleas from the US to release him, North Korea decided to set Jun free who admitted to his crime of involving himself in unauthorized religious activities in the communist country.
The state-owned media KCNA, said North Korea "decided to release Jun Young-su on humanitarian grounds."
King, who went to Pyongyang early this week to evaluate the food situation of the north, regretted Jun's alleged crime and promised not to repeat the same.
The detained American is expected to return home via Beijing on Saturday, Kyodo News reported.
Details of this report here.

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