Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Muslim teen stoned to death for joining beauty pageant

A 19-year-old Muslim girl was found dead a week after she disappeared near her home in the Crimea region, Ukraine. She was reported to have been stoned to death by several young men.
Katya Koren was put to death after she participated in a local beauty competition, which is a violation of the Sharia law, Mail Online said.
Police investigations are going on. Three Islam youths were arrested in relation to the crime. They claimed that her death was justified under the Islamic law.
Having no regrets over her death, suspect Bihal Gaziev, 16, told the police Koren "violated the laws of Sharia."
The slain teen's friends described the girl to be very trendy. She also landed on the seventh place in a beauty competition.
Her beaten body was found in the forest.
Details of this report here.

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