Friday, May 20, 2011

Why wars will never stop

Video frame grab of Osama bin Laden watching himself on television in videos released by United States Pentagon
Video frame grab of Osama bin...
Ever wonder why we have so many wars around particularly in the Middle East and Central Asia even before the birth of the Arab Spring?
Here is an intriguing 90-minute documentary film that tackles the cause of such wars—Oil.
Yes, these hydrocarbons are the main reason why superpowers will kill so many people and along the way, harming innocent lives, according to the attached YouTube video.
Is it not surprising that many people from oil-producing countries like Iraq live in poverty and can hardly buy gas cheaply in their own country? What about the US who import their oil?
This documentary shows exclusive footages from Afghanistan and Iraq at war with the United States.
Officials from inside the UN, Pentagon and other world bodies were interviewed on what they think of the ongoing wars.
There is a huge gap between how the West and the East see these wars.
The docu movie purports that the West sees terrorism to have started since the 11 September attacks. The East, on the other hand, thinks terrorism to have stemmed before the 11 September bombing—when their rich oil resources had been sucked by the West who supports despotic rulers in order to have enormous government contracts to import the oil from them.
Gary Schmitt, Executive Director of the Project for the New American Century said, " I think the American public very quickly came to the conclusion that after 9/11, not that Iraq was simply or somehow involved in the 9/11, but they quickly came to the same conclusion as President Bush did...The American public very quickly joined the president in his judgment that Iraq was as much a part of the problem after 9/11 as other states like Afghanistan."
A think tank from Washington—composed of VP Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Defense Adviser Paul Wolfowitz, and Florida Governor Jeb Bush—planned the removal of Saddam Hussein.
They advocated the cause to embrace the American leadership; the need to increase military spending significantly; challenge regimes hostile to American interests and values; and, extending an international order friendly to American security, prosperity, and principles.
Pentagon's Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski of the Office of Special planning said, "We are not too worried about dictators as long as they are on our side and they do what we tell them. Democracy is not the reason why went in there. The main reason is geo-strategic regional dominance, which is the one related to energy supplies."
Watch the entire documentary movie before making comments so that we will be talking on the same context.

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