Friday, June 17, 2011

Iran intensifies efforts to combat Western-cultural invasion

The government of Iran wants to strictly enforce its "moral security plan" within the country—from men's hairstyles, to women's dress code to pet ownership.
The attached YouTube video shows a report by Al Jazeera that says over 70,000 specially trained forces called "moral police" have been mobilized in the streets to implement the regime's dress code where exposure of women's skin as well as wearing necklaces and classy hairstyles for men are not allowed.
Police deputy commander Ahmadreza Radan said, "The enforcement of the moral security plan was requested by the nation and it will be continued until people's concerns are properly addressed."
Women dressing up showing the influence of Western culture such as tight overcoats that reveal body contours too clearly or loose-fitting headscarves that do not cover their hair may be arrested.
As well, men will be stopped if they sport on necklaces or glamorous hairstyles. They are allowed to wear short sleeved shirts but not short trousers. Last summer, Tehran authorities issued a list of approved hairstyles in its effort to thwart pony tails and mullets.
The Guardian said Islamic customs see dogs as unclean. Generally, Iranians do not keep them as pets but a slight minority own them particularly those in the upper-class society of the capital.
Details of this report here.

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