Friday, May 29, 2009

hello from manila 30

i was surprised that my aunt's biz trip turned out to be a family trip to tayabas. i was more surprised to see that this laid back town is now a city. it was awesome to see this place once again.

there were many things that changed particularly the infrastructure but the basic memories of the roads remained in my mind. i was instantly zapped into my childhood days when i used to wade in lakes, swim in cold pools, eat local delicacies like pinagong, a kind of bread shaped like a turtle, the very tasty longganisa, the clean- and fresh-smelling bed sheets and pillow cases of my folks, the enamel-coated plates and glasses, the church where i used to ride a scooter, and all. it was an exhilarating experience.

i was amused to witness pinoy style frugality, not bad at all during hard times but this one is the apex, perhaps. in order to save more, disposable cups and plates are covered with cellophane so that they could still be re-used. hahaha how about doing the same for disposable spoons and forks? 'di ko kinaya.

my nephews and nieces enjoyed swimming while my aunt, sister sledge and me belted it out in karaoke. gramma enjoyed eating. my distant relatives did not recognize me at all. they were surprised that this ugly duckling is now a big monster. hahaha

i wish i had more time to talk and re-connect with them. i look forward to the next opportunity to spend more time with them.


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