Sunday, December 19, 2010

Japan's new military policy

Japan abandoned its pacifist anti-war policy when the Cabinet approved its new defense guidelines on Friday.

The new military guidelines see China as a greater war threat than Russia.
It also called for a stronger alliance with Japan's biggest ally, the United States. The new military policy will also see expanded security networks with South Korea and Australia.
A strengthened Japan military will be made through the acquisition of new military equipments like submarines and fighter jets, as well as an upgrade of missile defense in order to quickly deal with threats in southwestern Japan.
It will be recalled that Tokyo and Beijing have ongoing territorial disputes over Japan's Senkaku Islands or China's Diaoyu Islands.
In September, political and diplomatic tensions occurred between the two countries when a YouTube video showed a Chinese vessel collided with a Japanese coast guard patrol boat that resulted to a temporary halt of rare earth material exports to Japan.
Japan's defense minister said the new military guidelines will help the country to adapt to a "new, complex security environment."
Beijing immediately slammed the guidelines as "irresponsible."

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