Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aquino: No basis for travel warnings

Philippine President Benigno Aquino III insisted that there was no basis for the travel advisories issued by six foreign governments last year with regard possible terrorist attacks in the country despite yesterday's bus explosion in the financial capital, according to ABS CBN News.
The travel warnings quoted imminent attacks on a shopping mall, and not on a bus, Aquino said in an interview.
The president further said, "The basis for the travel advisory was a raw report, they were quoting an imminent attack on a mall. If I remember correctly, when they were passing it there wasn't a high confidence a level as to the veracity of the information given. But they give it in the oft chance na lest they be accused of not sharing pertinent information."
The 50-year-old president admitted that any country is vulnerable to terrorist threats like the recent bombing in a Russian airport.
Aquino and his Cabinet security leaders had a meeting today to reevaluate intelligence data what could have been missed on a possible terrorist attack.
As of this time, no single group has yet been identified responsible for the blast incident that killed five people.
Details of this story in this link.

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