Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lawmaker in hot water by telling stewardess a "menopausal bitch"

A congressman is in deep trouble for his untoward remarks to a Philippine Airlines attendant for her failure to get him a seat next to his sons on a flight to Los Angeles.
The reported on 12 January that Rep. Eulogio Magsaysay angrily screamed at Sarah Bonnin Ocampo telling her a "menopausal bitch" and threatened to have her sacked on 17 December when she told him she could not transfer him to a seat beside his sons in the packed flight.
The sexist and anti-labor remarks of the solon caught the ire of labor groups who picketed in Metro Manila on Tuesday carrying placards denouncing Magsaysay.
Ginalyn Licayan, head of the labor group said, "We would like to seek justice for all aviation workers who are constantly experiencing disrespect and abuse from airline customers, especially abusive politicians and government officials, but have chosen to remain silent for fear of reprisal."
She added, "Mr. Magsaysay represents those obnoxious politicians who shamelessly wield their positions with utmost arrogance against ordinary employees."
Licayan also said that calling an employee a "menopausal bitch" is the epitome of rudeness and sexism that is tottally embarrassing for a public servant.
Magsaysay is a representative of the education sector.
In a phone interview, Magsaysay apologized for his harsh words toward the PAL attendant and explained why he said those cuss words.
"First of all, I would like to tell your readers that I am seeking forgiveness for my harsh words. But I would like everyone to know why it reached that point," Magsaysay said.
The lawmaker said he was surprised for Ocampo's high-pitched voice when she attended to him when he requested for a seat transfer next to his kins.
The lawmaker added, "First, she was the one who raised her voice at me. But it was only later I realized that she had a high pitched voice. I thought she was shouting at me."

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